About me

I'm known by a few different names across the internet, but they're generally a variation of the name I use everywhere (character limit permitting), AbstractAlgebra. If that's too long, I usually just go by Algebra or Math instead.

In places where a non-internet name is used, I am Matthew. He/they.

I am 25 years old and currently living that pseudo-neet life as a recent college graduate with a master's degree in math.

I take care of ~8 stray cats who live in my neighborhood. Additionally, I have a son who lives indoors.

My favorite color is purple, specifically dark purples that are closer to blue than to red. I consider my signature color to be #3D0099 and use it in most places where custom colors are allowed. For places where dark colors don't work well (e.g. Discord dark theme), I use #9485FF.

I have a separate page [currently under construction] for my interests that are games, music, etc.

Socializing is not something I like to do much of with anyone other than my close friends, yet I am a Discord server owner/admin of a server with approximately 700 members. My admin team and mod team are excellent at their jobs.

In terms of alignment, I am true neutral, although I generally seem to be chaotic neutral or chaotic evil when I am comfortable in a social setting.

Over the years, I have gradually shifted from being a morning person (high school) to being a late night person (graduate school).