Gayle Lightninggaze, the sorcerer. He/him. 5e.

Although I attempted to make Gayle in many different Picrews, none of them were quite right in terms of style. Most Picrews are good for making either really cutesy characters (chibis, children) or twinks/twunks, but Gayle is a hunk. I did end up with 16 finished results after my initial attempts, but none of them are good enough to show here.

It basically went like this.

Since there isn't a good visual representation of him yet, have a color palette.

An astute observer may have already noticed that the font color is identically Gayle's hair color from the palette.

Gayle's heritage is a bit complicated. While he and his parents genuinely believe that he's a human since both of his parents are human, he's actually an aasimar. None of the unusual physical traits of aasimar are present, so he looks like an ordinary human. Additionally, his sorcerer bloodline is draconic in nature, so he's descended from both a person blessed by a celestial being and someone who received power from a (blue) dragon.

The draconic bloodline made itself known relatively early in his life, manifesting in his mid teens. This surprised him greatly, but it also explained some of the unusual things he experienced, such as being able to see in the dark or occasionally cure small injuries with a touch. Since then, he's worked hard to try and master these magical powers so that he doesn't accidentally hurt someone with them.

Of course, draconic sorcerers don't have darkvision due to their bloodline (only shadow sorcerers do), but Gayle doesn't know that. He's probably* kind of really stupid.

*I haven't rolled his stats yet, but Int will be the lowest one. The only way he won't be really stupid is if I roll well, but even then, I'll probably RP him as at least a bit stupid. I feel it fits his character pretty well.