Gayle Lightninggaze, the sorcerer. He/him. Not yet used in any system.

Although I attempted to make Gayle in many different Picrews, none of them were quite right in terms of style. Most Picrews are good for making either really cutesy characters (chibis, children) or twinks/twunks, but Gayle is a hunk. Hero Forge finally added color options to their minis so I made him in that instead.

Me showing Sala the Picrews basically went like this.

Gayle was initially intended to be single and ready to mingle but I went ahead and made a boyfriend for him. He and Erth have matching rings that they gave each other. The ring Gayle wears is a deep brown.

Gayle's an aasimar, but he's very distantly removed from whatever celestial heritage he has. He's basically a human but with darkvision. That being said, as a sorcerer, he definitely feels the impact of his djinni heritage.

I listened to this song a lot while designing Gayle. It didn't influence any design choices, but I do strongly associate it with him.